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New here - looking for a car

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I'm new here (today) and am looking for a 63 to 67 nova or chevy II, 2 door or wagon to make into a driver.

I do not want something that is too raced-up - the more stock the better. Decent body, complete and running if possible.

If you know of anyone on this board, or can direct me to other classifieds where i can find a nova/chevy II please send me a message!


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If you look in the free classifieds section here on the board their are 8 1st gens listed and 8 2nd gens. Your location is going to depend on what is available. Us guys in the North east have to drive cross country if we want minimum rust, otherwise we have to do alot of body panel replacement and metal fabrication. Also the more your willing to spend gives you better odds at finding a car in better condition.

Welcome to team Nova and we look forward to having you around and following your future project.
Thanks gloryhound, I saw those and there was one good candidate for me - but I want to know if there are any sites that are local to you on the east coast, west coast, southern states etc where there are online classifieds. I know there a probably hundreds of them for sale - I just don't know where to look.

My local classifieds had two early 60's chevy II's but both are sold...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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