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Three new headlight products! Switch between high and low beams, automatically reset to low beams, and flash to pass!

Coming in early June 2010

Watch the video!

In the video, Michael Manning, president of American Autowire discusses and installs three new headlight products.

Latching Relay Module (510170) replaces a dimmer switch and allows you to switch between high and low beams with momentary switch on steering column using either a turn signal switch (510169) or a tilt lever switch (510168).

In addition the switching between high and low beams, the latching relay module automatically resets your headlights to the low beam position whenever the headlight switch or vehicle is turned off. Lastly, the latching relay module allows you to flash your high beams in a "flash to pass" situation, when the headlight switch is not in the on position.

Michael explains "What is a momentary switch and why use it?" He then shows the difference between the installations on a plastic-body turn signal switch (adding an additional ground wire) and a tilt lever switch (already grounded). Finally, Michael installs the latching relay module by removing the dimmer switch, connecting the low and high beam circuits, and testing the results.
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