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new guy saying hi

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just wanted to say hi .I`m new to the site not so new to novas. I`ve got a 1971 nova with a 427 th 400 and 12 bolt posi.someday I`ll have it all put together!lol hopefully it`ll be this summer.The engine is done except for balancing, trans needs shift kit installed, the 12 bolt is sitting on the bench getting freshened up. the body is getting all new panels.I have fenders bought, and will be ordering full 1/4`s and door skins in a few months after garage is built.

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Hey Bob, welcome sounds like you have the makings of one wild street machine on your hands...:)
Welcome, Bob. My 12-bolt is laying on the garage floor next to my car.:D One of these days, though! Unfortunately, I don't have a 427 to put in front of it.

Dan (maybe someday);)
Welcome to the site, sounds like a nice car. My 12 bolt is coming out of my car to get freshened up pretty soon to.
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