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New Guy On the Block

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Hello All,
I see a few names here I recognize. I have been a member of for a LONG time. I just bought a 1966 Nova Wagon (project). I will have to lean on a few of you guys for info. I might as well start now, Where is a good source for front fenders/parts (both are banged up pretty good). Do they repop headlight bezels for 66's? What places do I need to get catalogs for?

The car is solid (no rust) very little body damage, the front fenders are the worst part. It needs a total restoration/modification but, is 99% complete, all good glass. I paid $500 for it (no engine or trans). I will have pictures up soon, going to pick it up in the morning.

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Welcome to the Nova site! I don't know alot about second gen Nova's, I'm a 3rd gen Nova guy. The 3rd gens are pretty much the same car as the first gen Camaro. I actually go over to the Camaro site to trade tech. As far as getting parts, as always the best place to start is with the site sponsor ( ). Another person to talk to is a local goodmark dealer. I think another site that might help you would be YearOne.
Thanks, I will check out the site sponsor first. I have owned a few 1st gen Camaros and a couple 3rd gen Novas (lots of other cars through the years) but, never a 2nd Gen Nova. I see they do repop the fenders and bezels so I am in good shape.

How does the repop suff fit? I assume about the same as the Camaro stuff? Has gotten a little better over the years but, still not perfect.
Welcome Royce. The re-pop stuff is about the same as Camaro, some good and some less than ideal.

Hi Royce - Cool find on the wagon. The guy I picked up the '72 from said he found these guys to be to his liking...

Don't forget as well Ground Up. I've also found GM Sports to be very helpful here in SJ. I have been in there 3 times since I picked up the Nova and had something in my hands each time I left. I saw several 2nd gens as well as 3rd gens in their yard and the cars are not empty cut up shells like the 1st gen Camaros they have there.
Jody, good to see you here.

Dennis, same for you. I didn't realize you bought a Nova. How long have you had it?

I forgot all about GM Sports, I've bought parts from them in the past. Thanks for the reminder.
Just about a month Royce. Here's a thread with some pic's...

One thing I have found is not everything is being repop'd for the Nova like it is for a Camaro. I doubt that will be too much of a problem for you though...
Good deal Dennis, that is a very solid car you bought. With the touches you have put on it, it already looks very good. I have just a BIT more work than that on the one I bought. Once I finish up my 61 I will start on the Nova, for now I will just collect a few parts for it. I don't plan to get to crazy with the wagon, just something decent to play around with.
Welcome Royce, i can't wait to see some pic.'s..:thumbsup:
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