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Need to know the value of tinted Glass

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I'm looking at doing a trade with a local guy. He want the tinted glass out of my 69 Nova Parts car. As part of the trade I will get a set of factory clear glass back and some other things. I'm just wondering what the value of rear, 2 quarter, 2 doors, 2 vent window, and the front windshield out of a factory tinted car are worth and then how much a set of clear is worth. I don't want to get the short end of the deal here and I want to make sure he doesn't either. Just trying to make sure we can both walk away happy and not have either of us regretting it later!

Thanks in advance!
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If both sets of glass are in identical condition then there really isn't much value difference. The green tint on the Sof-Ray glass isn't much of a sun or heat block. If you get anything you want in addition to the glass you will be coming out okay. Since your willing to trade the glass must be an item you don't need and he does. If he is offering the other stuff and you need or want it I would say you are both getting a fair deal.
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