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Need help on AN conversion

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Hey guys, quick question here about AN conversions.
I am trying to order all the fittings and lines for my new fuel system and am on my last obsticale.

I need to find out what size adaptor I need to order so that I can fit -8AN 90 degree elbow into this Mr. Gasket carb Inlet line.

The site says it has "Inverted flare female inlet thread size 5/8-18."

If you can clue me in on what part I need I would really apreciate it!

FWIW: The system will be a new tank, 3/8" sending unit, -8AN braided line all the way to a new Edelbrock Mechanical pump 110 GPH (6psi), then 90 degree elbow to a russel filter to more -8AN line, to a 90 degree elbow, then into the adaptor Im asking about. Thanks guys!
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Well I may have spoke too soon:) But maybe you can tell me if I am right now:
I found this on summit:
Would that work? I think it should

You mean the AN-8 elbow on my Holley chromed fuel line?

It is (or was) available from Russel part number 610160.

Big Dave
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