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Need a brother Nova's help

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I have a '68 Camaro convertible that had subframe but no front metal. clip. Am hanging sheet metal now and have found the front bumper brackets do not line up with existing bracket holes on the frame rails. I am thinking I might have a Nova subframe. Can anyone give me the part number(s) for the Nova subframe and the location of the part number on the frame?

Any help would be appreciated.


Danny Glasgow
Friendsville, TN
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All I know is that Novas from 1968-1974 subframes are the EXACT same.
72 is right. Check out another camaro, or nova frt end. Some times those bumper brackets are confusing, especially if you didn't disassemble it. Maybe buy an assembly manuel.
Even if it is a Nova subframe it everything should fit right in place unless the car was in an accident and got a little tweeked, but even then everything should be really close. Now if we could just keep you Camaro guys from stealing our cotton picken Nova parts for your cars the world would be good again. :)

Does any of the other Nova guys here think I'm asking too much?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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