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Hello all, My name is Phil and here is my 74. I've always loved 68-72 Novas and when a great deal came across my plate on a 74 roller I couldn't pass it up. With just a few extra parts I was able to make it look like a 68 pretty easy except for the quarter glass and tail lights. I don't mind the quarter glass too much and prefer the tail lights of the 74. I plan on filling the license plate panel and installing a fuel fill between the taillights when it's time for paint.

I started the project in April of 2017 and the car was nothing but a roller, the body was complete but the guts were completely stripped including most of the dash and all of the wiring harness.
Since most of the dash was missing and the stock Nova dash looks like a truck dash I thought there might be an opportunity for a modification. I want the interior to be as modern as possible with a center console and never like the way center consoles line up with the nova dash. Since the 1st gen Camaro is the same car I thought a 67 Camaro dash would be a good fit as the radio and heater controls are centrally located and will flow into a console nice. With the addition of Dakota digital gauges for a Camaro the dash is coming together nicely and really sets off the interior.
The seats are out of a 2012 Camaro with full power drivers side and power recline on the pass side. They really fit great in the car and compliment the dash as well.
I went with a B&M Megashifter to control the 4l60e and put a 4 point cage to help tighten the chassis.
Under the hood I put a 4.8 LS in front of the 4l60 with a stock truck ecm which I had a local guy come by and program. I plan on upgrading to a 6.0 in the future and the 4.8 will end up in my girls Jeep JK.
Up front the control arms are stock with poly bushings but I plan on Upgrading to Hotchkis A arms, A set of CCP AFX spindles hold it all together with powder coated C5 calipers and C5 13" rotors. The shocks all the way around are Hotchkis tuned FOX shocks. Out back, the leaf springs are also Hootchkis 3" drop springs. For rear brakes there are 12" C5 rotors and calipers, I will be installing The KORE e brake kit in the near future. A right stuff Master cylinder/prop valve for Disk/disk was also added. I swapped in a quick ratio steering box as well with pro forged steering components with tall tie rod ends to help with the low stance.
To supply fuel, I bought a new tank with an EFI fuel pump set up with a Walbro pump. Flowmaster 2.5 stainless exhaust with Outlaw mufflers let it breathe.
I'm waiting for a 2" amd cowl hood that should be here this week as well as an auburn posi with 3.73's. I'll be trailering it over to a friends shop in Phoenix to have the gears and alignment done and she will be ready for her first test drive!!! Once She's drivable I will be ordering up a the Vintage air components to make it enjoyable to drive here in the desert. I plan on driving it patina'd, taking it to local shows while I complete the interior and and stereo.
For shoes I went with us mag u111's 18x9.5 in rear and 18x8 in front with 275/40's in rear and 225/40's in front.
I'm building this car to be a driver first and foremost and wiring the car from scratch gave me an opportunity to do a little modernization. Push button start with proximity sensors, remote start and power windows and door locks, Retained accessory power and lighting control allows the radio to stay on after you shut it down until the doors open, dome light stays on for set amount of time then fades out, headlights stay on for a determined time then shut off, headlights turn on automatically when it gets dark, OBD-II interface for the gauges. Bluetooth, 7 inch screen, back up camera, Apple play...ect.
We are less than a year away from being empty nesters and looking forward to putting miles on her!! It's a street car that I want to be able to take it to the track and have a fun day. As a 1 man band I do a terrible job taking pitures and documenting the build, I've always wanted to document the process better but i'm only 1 guy with too many projects.


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