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My first 9 sec ET

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Only took me 30 years!

Anyway, it was a hot evening. Street legal night with a headwind. I was hoping to get into the 10 teens, but figured the heat would keep me away from the 10 oh range.

Previous best was a 10.04 @ 133 on a much cooler evening.


First pass, it runs a 9.991 @ 132.53
6.30 @ 107.44 in the 1/8 mile.
1.39 60 ft time.

And the tower noticed. So I got the official NHRA warning ticket, and was done for the night.

Time to get a license and have the cage certified.

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Congrats, must be awesome to get the single digit timeslip!

I remember the feeling when I first cracked off a 10 second pass. I'm a long way from 9's, and the added weight PITA of the cage will likely keep me from doing it N/A for a while. I'll likely pill up the spray and see if we can get it next year SBC powered!

Good air should have you in the high 9.60's I'd think! Good luck the rets of the year!

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