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My car is going to be in Super Chevy

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Well, kinda. My car was used for a 2006 Nova calendar. It is on the cover and somewhere inside, I don't know which month.

The company making the calendar took out a color ad in the December Super Chevy in the holiday buying guide section. My car is in the ad along with the Chevelle calendar cover car.
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There's nothing like getting national, heck worldwide coverage these days on your ride. I know I was always excited when mine got in magazines.
One thing you need to do is buy extra copies and store them away somewhere to where they won't get damaged. I've got some articles on my car and years from now I can unpack them and they should be like new. I've even cut apart magazines and put them in picture frames.
Congrats :thumbsup:
Yes I would have too say it would be a great accomplishment to go through all the work and then have your ride in a magazine.
It's this month....

I thought I recoginized it.

Thanks guys!! 5 days until the calendar is available. I can't wait. I never would have guessed things like this would be happening for me.
Congratulations! Nice car!

Dan (Uh, say friend, you ARE giving out free copies to your friends, right?):D
I just found out the calendar is going to be delayed until mid-late November. Bummer

I would give away free copies of the calendar but being I am buying mine from the company making it I would go broke supporting all of you. Maybe next time. :)
Well your car is awesome from what I have seen....I can understand why they wanted it:)
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