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It’s only money, right? Can’t take it with you :D

I got curious on the Centerline wheels and spent about 20 minutes cleaning up what I would consider the worst one. Some minor pitting from what looks like a water drip over the years, but it cleaned up surprisingly well for not putting much effort into it. I’d like to spend more time on this one and the rest of the set eventually to see how well they’ll really clean up!


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Got a little bit more done on the Nova this weekend!

The Who-knows-what small block that‘s been under the hood for 13 years got given away on Craigslist.

Finally an empty engine bay!

I started cleaning out the car and organizing the extra parts I had for it. The trunk is in surprisingly good shape, not without its flaws, but pretty solid.

Tail panel on the other hand, not so much.

Interior cleaned out. I’m finding a lot of red inside the car that I didn’t realize was there. Red seat belts in the rear, some red trim that’s been painted, red carpet. Did these ever come with red interiors?

Pretty sure this isn’t a Nova rear seat. It fits, but not well.

While the floor pan is in decent condition everywhere else, I ran across this surprise while vacuuming the floor. The passenger side front is completely gone. Half stuck between throwing a patch panel in and still moving forward with driving it, or putting things on hold until I can properly restore it.


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This turned out to be an incredibly expensive week. I’ve been looking for a shop in Anchorage for several years now, since I actually live about 1 1/2 hours out of town, and I wanted a place closer to work. Real estate prices have been insane, especially for actual detached garages and shops. One popped up this week that needs some remodeling, but has great potential and enough lot layout to build a small house as well, for a below market price of $98k! We came in at $92.5k and should be finalizing closing this week! I also picked up an actual work truck, a 1995 Chevy K2500 with a utility box for a decent deal, since the ”350 SS” isn’t much of a truck to work out of. Of course, this will slightly affect the overall toy budget, LOL. In light of this, I have decided to stick with the 350/350 combo as factory, and sell off the 454/4L80E/install kit locally.

Also, the remainder of the Nova parts showed up throughout the week! We have a new:

• Fuel tank
• Sending unit
• Gas cap
• Tank straps and hardware
• Transmission cooler with adapter fittings
• Quick ratio steering box
• Idler arm
• Pitman arm
• Rag joint
• Inner tie rods
• Outer tie rods
• Tie rod adjuster sleeves
• Stainless brake hard lines
• Brake rubber lines
• 11” Booster, master cylinder, and combo valve
• Disc brake spindles, caliper brackets, and dust shields
• Rotors, bearings, and seals
• Calipers
• Pads
• Drums
• Wheel Cylinders
• Shoes
• Spring kit
• Adjuster kits
• Axle bearings, seals, cover gasket
• Motor mounts
• Transmission mount
• Delrin/Aluminum subframe bushing kit
• Rust converter paint for the underbody

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