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I have a 73' Custom and have a NICE set of 2002 S-10 "sawblade" style wheels that will be the perfect compliment to the Electric Green Metallic Paint it'll be coated with!! My main question is .....what is the "ideal" size for the fronts if you are running 15" wheels all around? Mine scrape some with 205/75/15's on the front, but it seems to be an alright size for the rear!! I have a great set of 205/70/15's.........would that be enough of a difference or if possible could someone give me an idea of what to buy so I don't have this problem on the street!! This is the newest body style NOVA that I've ever owned over the years and I am starting to notice that some things were changed in 73' because I had less problems with my 72'!!! The farther I get into this baby, the more I find that is just a "tad" different! Oh, well, if GM didn't change stuff once in a while, they wouldn't sell as much new parts (same with ferd's better ideas) and we could have cookie stamped parts!! "In a PERFECT World....................................???
Thanks much in advance!!!!
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