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Looking for a 74 Spirit of America

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I bought a Spirit of America brand new in 74. Sold it in 79. Am now looking for one to restore with my two sons( 16 and 18) i am fairly new at this and don't know exactly how to find one. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.


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I have no idea how to find an original, but if you want to clone one I think you can get the stencils/stripes to do it. My brother had one, I think they are 74 custom 350 w/hatchback, and his had a four speed 1/2 vinyl top. I remember the white interior and bucket seats.

I wish I had one:thumbsup:
If you want a project vehicle, there's a guy on my Nova club board looking to get rid of his. He's in southern Oregon. Sounds like it might be a bit on the rough side as far as completeness, but all projects gotta start somewhere right?
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