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L6?..hi-pro?..or scrap heep?

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im pretty sure in 69...some ss's came with the L6...any have info?..and ive heard of getting 300 hp's from the L6.for a pretty inexpensive L6 matches the vin..would it be worth more with the original motor?...or with a hi pro 350?...if i keep the L6.....i cant go with the clone thing?....any suggestions?
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No sixes in SS's in 1969. Some folks get some very decent power out of sixes, though. I'm still running a six in my 63 wagon, but not forever.:D

Dan (prefers the eights):thumbsup:
you think the nova would be worth more.....restored by the numbers..everything matching?....or a complete clone?i think there alone nicer looking as clones...but i dont want to decrease the value...i have a spare 454...and a spare 350...i think ill go with a chrome the ss's in 69 came with.....well those and the 396's..
Probably not much market for a numbers-matching six. If the car is rather rare and it's numbers-matching, that's a different story. My 72 was a plain-Jane six/PG when I got it, so I just started making it what I wanted it to be. Not a clone, but a "restification". Nothing wrong with a clone, though, as long as you don't try to sell it as the real thing.;) If you're building it as an investment, you probably want something other than a Nova. They're not in the big bucks, (except COPO's, YENKO's etc.) and for our sakes, I hope they stay overlooked. (cheaper to restore then:D )

Dan (Like Frankie, do it your way):thumbsup:
If you're car is a low mile grandma car that is mint condition, IMHO, leave it that way. Otherwise, do as you wish. Not a whole lot of unrestored minty examples of anything left anymore. There are probably more SS's now than there were when they rolled off the lots.

As for "investments", I have to agree to disagree with the assesment about Nova's not being "big bucks" (not HEMI Cuda big bucks, but 396 type bucks). If you get Hemmings Muscle Machines, check out the auction section. Novas are holding their own quite nicely (not that its a competition) against other Chevrolet models, and are outperforming other GM marques- like later GTO's, some Olds's and Buicks.. As a matter of fact, last month's issue basically said that Novas time, as previously with Camaro and Chevelle, is now.

I tend to believe it after seeing a green 6 banger converted to a 454 sell for over 30K at Barrett Jackson last year. Like I said, thats IMHO.
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There's a artical in a Super Chevy magazine I have that shows a 10 second six banger. It says it was a 250 ci now.060 over 12.5:1 with a .610 lift cam.
Looks like it's best time was 10.60 @ 130 mph.
my 66 SS came with a 230 6cylinder, when I swapped out to a V8 I couldn't even give the thing away so it went to the scrap pile!
wow...thanx guys...i already have the sb...its a rebuilt 350 from an 87 blazer...i have it on a stand...slapped all the bolt on stuff to manifold..carb...valve covers..aluminum water pump.aluminum pulley's..and a cheap chrome dress up kit....its just sitting in my back yard....wrapped up in shrink wrap..sleeping bag..and an old raiders rain coat..when i get back to california...ill pop the 350 in...and keep the L6...just the block........after all...its the matching so stoked about finding this 69nova.....for only 1500...and i drove it home...thanks for the info.........i think ill go with the 350...4 speed
Good luck with your 69! :thumbsup:
Have to say the SBC is the easiest way to go. You can make a very fast car out of a Nova using a SBC, but if your looking at end value the cars that have been converted to BBC Nova's are the ones bringing in the dollars. Also they are IMO the ultimate sleepers. For some reason unless you are a Nova fanatic the last thing you expect to see under the hood of one of these cars going down the street is a BBC. Granted I'm going to use a 402 BBC in my car and you can easily get a SBC over 400 cid today, I just like the pop the hood and people start druling over a BBC.
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