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CONTACT: Philip Delaney, IMSM, (630)254 -0877 – 1160 Longford Rd – Bartlett, IL 60103
[email protected]
IMSM Ready to Kick off Third Season

Illinois “Midwest” Street Machines

The Illinois “Midwest” Street Machines (IMSM) are ready to kick off their third season of racing action in 2007 with the opening race to be held at Byron Dragway in Byron Illinois this April.

The primary objective of IMSM is simple, we wanted to create a series in which all racers of every make and model can be treated equal. We willingly open our doors to members of the drag racing and road racing communities. Our events are designed around all levels of racing enthusiasts. Our ultimate goal is to establish a standard and mark our place in the racing community that welcomes everyone to come and participate in our motorsports events.

To support these ideas IMSM has established 2 main racing classes Street and Pro, each of which has its own sub classes to accommodate racers of all levels. While designing the classing system special attention was made to make sure all racers could participate in a level they could be competitive in and allow them to advance to the next class relatively easy as their cars became faster. Our Street class offers 5 levels of Heads up racing and 1 Bracket racing class, and our Pro Series offers 3 levels of Heads up Racing with some of the fastest street cars the sport has to offer. What makes this combination unique is the drivers are classed by there own potential. With IMSM its driver vs. driver, not car vs. car

Using this formula for class designation members of IMSM no longer have to worry about conforming to strict class rules that may exclude them for the smallest items, nor due they have to worry about losing out to drivers with faster cars and larger budgets. Our goal is to match up the drivers in the class that best fits their cars and their abilities on the track. The Street division offers the novice racer or racer with a stock car the ability to start out in a bracket class, while others with faster cars and more experience have the ability to compete in any of the 5 heads up classes all the way to the Street Dominator class (SD). SD is the first regulated class in IMSM and the stepping-stone into the Pro Division. The Pro Division offers 3 classes for the Top dogs of the sport with their 7-8 second wheel standing race machines to fight it out in heads up battle. Each class was designed to be a stepping-stone into the next class allowing the racer to advance as they feel comfortable to.

The 2007 season of IMSM is scheduled to span 8 races throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana with stops at Byron Dragway, Cordova Dragway, Great Lakes Dragway and U.S. 41 Dragway.

For up to date information on the IMSM racing series please visit our website at:
Or meet us in person Jan.20th-21st at the World Drag Expo Booth 912
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