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If you want world class NHRA drag racing in Eastern Nebraska...

Then lend a hand a let your voice be heard!
If you can't attend the Lancaster County Planning Board meeting on Oct. 11, please make phone calls, write letters and e-mails. Let these folks know you want a track that will bring big time drag racing events to our area and provide a world class facility for local events as well. This is a full 1/4 mile track.

You can read about the details here:


More information:

If you don't make yourself heard on this issue we will likely never have an opportunity like this again!

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Re: If you want world class NHRA drag racing in Eastern Nebraska...

Rich I hope it works out for you. I didn't read all the material, but quite a bit.
I don't think my opinion from AZ will hold much wieght. It sounds like your biggest push should be to educate the land owners in the 1 mile radius of the benefits to the comunitity, they will probably have more to do with defeating it then anyone else. I know in my county the adjacent land owners opinions carry more weight as they are percieved by officials to be more affected.
Hopefully it is not a high population densitity. I know that back in the 70's the fuel dragsters running at Beeline Dragstrip could be heard in my subdivision and it was 3 miles away as the crow flies. Of course there weren't any trees or mountains to block the noise.
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