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I get to be the first to post about '68 interiors! WooHoo!

I love getting to be the first at something... :clonk:

For those of you with 68's, soak in this info, especially when on Ebay...

Dash pad
Ash tray assembly
Glove box and glove box door
Dash structure
Gauge panel
Steering column
Brake/clutch bracket
Dash harness
Kick panels
A-pillar covers

So, 68 owners, when you see these items for sale anywhere as 68-72 parts, know that the seller don't know about the uniqueness of the 68. Better ask before you buy! I'm sure I missed something, and there are other 68-only items (such as doors) that don't fit this topic.

I really don't know why I made this post, other than I felt like being informative this morning, and, of course, I love my 68! :thumbsup:
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