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I have a 72 Nova with a Blueprint Engine BP38313CT1.
it is quick but it isn't fast or not fast enough so that any corolla can pass me on the freeway.
The transmission is a TH350 and at most I can get a max speed around 110/115mph with too high rpm.
How to keep the current transmission and add one speed to it ? I guess this is not feasible.
So the only other option is to go for a 700R4 ? This one has 4 speeds, would this transmission allow to have higher top speeds ? Or is a manual transmission such as TKO600 recommended ?
I would like to keep it automatic. Also right now when using the lever I can shift down to L2 but not to L1. When driving in D mode it shifts automatically on all 3 speeds properly. It never downshifts by itself but I guess this is normal on older transmissions. Sorry I Am trying to learn as this is my first Nova and classic car, any hints and suggestions are welcomed.
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They will shift up or down automatically in Drive, and if you pull the lever down one more spot from 2nd and nothing happens that means you have no manual low gear, that means there is something wrong with the trans, I suggest you get a hold of the one you bought the car from and ask him what was done to it, for the money you paid for the car it should be working properly. You didn't take the car for a test drive before you bought it????
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