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How Does One Post A Pic

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New to this site and wondering how do members add attachments (pictures) to thier posts?
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Well to attach one of them to your posts I think they need to be hosted BUT if you go to the showroom section of this site you can post up to 5 pics a day and up to a max of 1/2 a megs worth of pics can be uploaded to the site to your account...very cool option. I posted a couple of my junker I said very cool.:beers:
I tried it, my files are too large was the message I got. Oh well hpg

You need to have your photo's hosed somewhere else. is free.Put your pictures on there.right click on the on properties and copy the photo properties(usually ending in jpg).On the post screen there os a little icon with a mountain and a on that and paste the jpg you just copied in the box.Your all set.Does this make sense?bm
It makes sense, whether I can do it or not, is the question. hpg
You can do it!!!I will help you.Any questions just
these computer questions should ALWAYS be asked of Johnny NUKE 'EM !!! that guy can help with ALL yer questions...

just push the button with the picture of the thermonuclear cloud... it AUGHTA work :)

i dunno, i posted an avatar in my profile options... it showed up for a while, but now it's gone.... i wonder how i screwed that one up....

oh POOPIES !!! i hope my rep isn't gonna follow me here. LOL !!!

Johnny (NO MORE NUKES !!) :) :) :)

[edit] i guess if i read the FAQs first... avatars arent available fer posting yet... LOL !!! i'm glad i didn't REALLY screw up ;)
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Oh oh, Johnny NUKE 'UM made it over here! Everyone, turn off your computers, now! Johnny has his finger on the button, and knows how to use it!:clonk:
Aw C'Mon Brick !!!! i haven't lost a State yet !!! CITIES ??? oh... i thought we were talking States !!!

never mind ;)
For posting pics I like Photobucket since it has the links all ready for you to copy/paste.
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