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Can anyone help with decoding this cowl tag? I've tried nova resource but some things arent matching on the cowl.

Such as the ACC codes. mine are F2C M3Z. This convertible appears to be an SS. It has bucket seats.

Here is the VIN 30467w103550

Cowl Tag: ST 63-0467 Body WR 3570
TRIM 1-786 Paint 900-5

I know 63 was the only year that nova's came in convertible. Im trying to figure out how special this care is.


Welcome to Team Nova Bobby, i checked NovaResource in the "SuperSport" section, here's a quote, it appears yours is an SS (the "Z" in the acc code)

NovaResource said:
1963 = optional package: look for a Z (or an X for Novas built at the Oakland, CA plant) on the last line of the cowl tag in the ACC codes. One note: some real 1963 Super Sports did not get this code. They are rare but a few have been found.
here's the link:

i hope i've helped,

JR (PS, i deleted your duplicate thread) ;)
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