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hi everybody

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just thought i would say hi. just joined today; came over from team chevelle. thought i would give you guys a try.....i love novas. first car i ever had was a 65 nova ss....steve
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thanks everyone.... hey al i miss my 65 ss as well!!! mine was a little darker blue than yours and it had a very slight metal flake in it. i got mine when i was a junior in high school for $750. of my own hard earned money. i took it to my high school shop class and pulled the 6 cyl. out and built my own 10:1 327 with a 272 isky mega cam. it was nice. with a th-350 and a 2500 stall it ran great. paid for and built by myself.......those where good times!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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