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Hey ,New to the board

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Hey Nova buds, just wanted to say hey. I finally found a site to top all sites one that idolizes the best damn car built,hell yeah. Seriously is there any car that looks better, not to me.:beers: Anyway i'm glad to be a part of it and can't wait to talk about cars with you guys, Mike.:thumbsup:
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Welcome to the site. So what do you have. A lot of knowledge here. Also the site sponsor has a good list of reproduction parts at reasonable prices.
Welcome, with a name like lafnrat I assume your rat is taking some giggle juice and it motors down the track. There are some very knowledgeable people here and we're all willing to help out. So, just talk away.:waving:
Hey thanks guys, unfortunately i'm without a car right now BUT i'm looking for a nice '68-'72 Nova to replace the ones i had to sell for family reasons :sad: . I put some pics of my cars in the showroom section and will be listing a '70 L78 396 Nova motor on here in a couple days so keep an eye out. I know the vin stamping on the block is 257116. Is there any way to find the original car through a vin registry because i would love to reunite it with that car. I'll have all the numbers tomorrow when i go to the shop and i'll list the motor in the classifieds tomorrow night or asap. Again thanks for the welcome and i will still love to talk cars with you guys. I too have alot of experience especially in drivetrain and HORSEPOWER. I build all my own engines and many for friends and customers one in particular that i've built two L-72's for COPO cars and a '69 DZ motor, thanks again Mike.:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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