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Here I am! Like the site!

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I wandered over here from Steve's site, and I see that many of my fellow members beat me here!! :waving: It is good to see so many names I already recognize, and I am looking forward to meeting some new folks!

My screen name pretty much explains what I have. A 72 green Rally Nova. It is mostly stock, and pretty tired.:boring: Some day I plan to start a restification on it. It is going to get a nice thirsty big-block 396 backed up by a 200R-4 most likely. So far I have just been collecting parts I need. Right now I am hunting down a dash bezel for a A/C car. Mine is ok, but it does have some rivets holding in the wiper switch, and more than half of the stud holding the cluster in place are put back together with epoxy. The other item I am having trouble with is the passenger side eyebrow molding. I want NOS, and they seem to be almost as rare as hens teeth.:rolleyes:

That should be enough rambling for now!!

Randy (glad to be here!!):thumbsup:
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You havent left for deer hunting yet? Whats the hold up?;)
also new here. say i recognize you guys...:beers:
Ditto on that i see some familer names here.
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