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Headers / Mufflers

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Following Gigem's lead...I want to be the first one to ask which headers fit the best and which mufflers sound the best:) :p
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i used to have hooker comps - they fit like crap. most tubes had dents in them, esp. the driver side to clear spark plugs and p/s gearbox and such. i switched to hedman hustler hedders and i could never be happier. passenger from the top, drivers from the bottom, you don't even have to jack it up that much. fit like a dream - though plug #4 when angled needs a shorty plug removal tool. they sounded louder and bassier than my hookers too.

for mufflers, i ran purple hornies till i was no longer single. the g/f didn't appreciate me knocking the picture frames off the walls LOL...

give 'em a listen! this was with just a performer plus cam, intake, and the hedman hedders.
I have Hooker Super Comps for my small block. I run into 40 series Flowmasters which dump before the rearend. The car sounds great but I have the same problemswith my wife. She loves watching things dance off the shelves.

The Hooker fit is ok. I have a small dent in the drivers side created from the steering but they went in easy. The ceramic finish has lost its shine and basically looks crappy. I need to keep polishing them.
oh yeah - i forgot to mention about wear. they all pretty much rusted right away. but then again, i drove my nova in 2 feet of snow. wheee!!! :D
Gotta say i prefer the sound of dynomax mufflers, the Ultraflow Magnums, or most of the stuff from magnaflow. Not too loud while cruisin but boy does it hit ya when the loud pedal hits the floor. I guess im just gettin tired of hearin the flowmaster sound out of the back of every other mucle car....but i guess it beats a cherry bomb!! Lol

my 71 small block Nova had Hedman headers, followed by a Hedman 2.5" X pipe with the Flowmaster crossflow exhaust kit and it sounded MEAN.
at idle, it was pretty mellow, but when i got on it and the HOT cam and vortec heads started doing their thing, it sang a song that some have said reminded them of a Nextel Cup car at full speed at Daytona.
I have always liked the quality of Hedman Headers and I like Flowmasters. :D
I'll admit I like the sound of Flowmasters but I also like the sound of Ultraflows plus they flow alot better than Flowmasters. :thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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