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Have one? Had one?

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Who here has a Nova? Lots of TC and TC guys here, so far, looks like. I had a nice '69 Nova back in '86-'87. Wasn't really quick, but it was consistent. Seemed like no matter how you launched it or drove it, it'd run consistent 15.31's @90. Then again, I was running junkyard parts, because I was always broke. I could usually afford gas if I hocked my Canon T-50 camera every couple of weeks. Some people long to be young again. I long to be young again, but with the money I make now. :D
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Well, I don't have any right now. But had, yes. I have had 2 66 Super Sports, 2 67 Super Sports and 1 66 standard and 1 67 standard. As you can see, I like 66 and 7s. I sold my last and coolest one about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago. My computer crashed last year and I lost all my picks of that car. It was a 66 SS 100% and I mean 100% original! It had part's that are always missing, little hose brackets, all the smog etc. California black plate car with both plates and original plate frames. It was bought new at Roller Chevrolet in Monterey Ca. I turned it on to my friend and we got it from a little old lady in Santa Cruz Ca. for $3000. She was the second owner and she bought in 1972. Man, what a find. It was a little rougher than we thought. But we didn't want to **** off the old lady asking 10 thousand questions. She was really cool and not stupid. She wouldn't give uds a price, she asked what we thought it was worth. We didn't want to insult her and offer $500. So my buddy said I will give you $3000. She said that sounds about right! She probably paid penuts for it in 1972? He drove it home. He tore it apart and traded it to me for a 70 Chevelle. I should have kept that car. It was cool! :(
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I have a 70 SS that I bought a couple of months ago. It is a small block car. Has 27000 miles on it. Was raced for a while. Very clean body and interior. I bought a 427 from a 69 Caprice I am going to build and install in it. My other cars are all numbers cars, so I wanted something to play with. This is my first Nova.
I've had a plain jane '69 for about 8yrs. I'm the 3rd owner, came from Don Allen Chevrolet in Miami. Window sticker was a little under $2800, ps, 250-six, A/C, no radio, rubber mats. Original lady owner bumped into lots of stuff and second owner had a lousy body man plaster and paint it dk. blue. Paint held up amazingly well but is dying now. Still pretty rust free except for the tail light panel. About 5yrs. ago I parted out a '72 Monte and got the 350 eng. and disc brake setup. Did a shade tree freshen up on the 350, melling R/V cam, valve job. Bummed stuff from friends, been messing with this stuff for 40yrs. --performer intake, rusty early Camaro headers, 3 core rad., pedals, bell housing, an old muncie and Z bar for stick conversion. Put it all together with a fresh 600 holley and an HEI dist. Nice project w/my older son. Ended up with a pretty fair '69, 350, 4spd, A/C, disc brake Nova. Put the rally wheels off the Monte on it and a pair of buckets out of a '70 Nova. Peg leg 3.08 rear, single leaf springs. Engine, front susp. and rear end are all tired now. My Son drove the fool out it for about 4yrs. w/very few problems. Need to spend a little money and effort on again pretty soon, I'm inspired by the new Nova site. DANG! I've written a Nova Novel
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I drove a '69 L78 to work/back for a while about a couple years back...3.55/M20 combo actually wasn't too bad out on the road...but, we sold it to a buddy who is trying to give it a full makeover. Cortez Silver, vinyl top, with black guts, should look pretty sweet when done.

I'm currently out of the Nova realm, as I'm too busy racing our Camaro to do anything else, but dad has a Nova that we finished up not too long ago...
I bought a 65 SS Nova about a year ago , it has a 6 cylinder with a powerglide tranny, black interior with bucket seats and a console with shifter. I don't know what I'm going to do with it (keep the 6 but it's not the stock one for the car or put in a V-8) . I've been looking for some trim parts on ebay and got some sticker shock for some of the stuff but all the parts are there just needs some cleaning, bodywork and paint.
cool nova site i have a 72 nova i bought in 1991. from a 80 year old lady she had to sell for heath problems. had 64,000 on it. now it is more of a race car roll cage harneses racing seats and built small block. runs mid to low 11s if that lady seen it to day she would have a heart attack. or mybe roll o ver in grave.
I have a '64 Chevy II that I use mostly for drag racing - about 200 passes a year. It is streetable enough to do a little cruising.

My wife is in her '61 Vette in the background.
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Lets see....
In the past... 2 65 SS with 283 /pg combos, 1 64 2 door post, 1 68 chevy II SS 350/4speed in College. Currently.... 70 2 door with just over 40K miles 307 3 on the tree, air and am/fm, manual and manual. Oh and learned to drive moms' 68 chevy II, first car she bought new.....
My 71 was my first car. I got it in Oct 1991 with 29k miles. It was purchased from the original owner. Originally it was burnt orange with a white vinyl top and a sandalwood deluxe bench seat interior. The car also has the exterioir trim package. It originally had a 307/powerglide with a 3.08 posi 10 bolt.

The car was repainted in 1993. A new black top was put on and the interior was dyed black. I did have to put in new carpet and headliner. I have installed factory buckets and a console now.

The 307/glide was dumped for a 12.75:1 406 with Dart heads, Ultradyne solid ca,, Victor Jr intake and a custom 830 Holley. A 125 HP NOS kit is there also but never used. The tranny is a TH-350 with a 3200 stall. I changed the rear gears to a 4:10 with everything else stock.

I ran rally wheels for awhile but now have Weld Drag Stars with M/T ET Streets (28x11.50x15). The car is uncut in the rear.

Here are some pics. The car is also going to be featured in a Nova only calendar for 2006. They will be available Nov 1 at (the site will not be up until then). No I'm not the company sellling them.

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Hey notstock71, thats one hot looking 307:clonk: Love the Chevy II / Novas. Over the years Ive owned a 63 2dr sedan, modified with a 327/275hp turbo 350, 5 bolt wheels (67 front disc/Camaro rear). A 67 2dr 327/275hp 4spd, a 67 plain jane wgn, a 74 SS 350 auto. I'd still like to get/build a 68-72 small block 4spd car.
NWDragRacer said:
I have a '64 Chevy II that I use mostly for drag racing - about 200 passes a year. It is streetable enough to do a little cruising.

My wife is in her '61 Vette in the background.
Hey do you know Sam B.?? I think he has told me about you!
Currently have one (really my wife's-hence the screen name)-'72 SS #'s match, orig. Calif. car, bench seat/4spd. Spring Green. She bought one brand new in '72 but not an SS (too much $). It was Spring Green, bucket seat, 3 spd. and 2bbl 350. Drove it for yrs. and it finally rusted away. Always wanted another and I found this one for her in '93. Nearly 100K miles but in really good shape. We cruise together w. our local car club and just enjoy it. Looking forward to this site and trust it will be every bit as great as the TC site!
66chevyIISS said:
Hey do you know Sam B.?? I think he has told me about you!
I sure do! Sam's L78 for his '70 Camaro is in my shop right now being assembled.
Cool, thats my engine stand its on! haha
Cameano said:
Who here has a Nova? Lots of TC and TC guys here, so far, looks like.
Have 6 now, have had 31 total or maybe 32, lose track.
Follow TC & TC also have a Chevelle & Camaro.
We need a good Cutlass site too, have a few of them but not much info.
67 SS, 327, 350 turbo, air, Old mans crusier.
67 Wagon origonal 250-6 3spd. Drove it for 300,000 mi that way now has a Vortec 350, ST-10 4spd, Much more fun but I sure miss the gas mileage.
Here's a pic of my '69. It's a scan, obviously. Car was dirty. But at least I still have a pic of it. :D

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I was asked about the 65 SS 327-300 hp, 4 speed Nova I owned. Yes, it was a rare one. still miss it to this day.

Found this old photo:

It's ummm... circa the early 70's ;)
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