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Have one? Had one? II

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Since this site has been started in the shadows of Camaro and Chevelle sites.

How many of out fellow ChevyII/Nova owners have/had a Camaro or chevelle????

Before the 'bringer, this was my project, a '74 Z28. Which I traded for the ChevyII:eek:
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Have one- Chevelle that is- '69 SS. Been over at TC for several yrs. as Duke69. Look forward to this site getting up and running in the same manner.
Had a 350 4-speed 1970 Chevelle back in 1974. Man that thing was sweet - and fast too! Traded my '69 Nova for it. Sold the '70 and bought a 307 '69 Chevelle and a '57 Bel Air with the proceeds. Along the way I also had a '76 Camaro. Liked that '70 the best though.
i had a 66 Chevelle and a 73 Camaro... and a few others... i've been blessed to have owned a pretty cool variety ;)
After my 2 novas 65+70, there were 8 1967 chevelles, 3 camaros, 1 impala, 1 vette, 2 firebirds 68+76, several 67-72 GMC's incl 396's.
A passion for bowtie blue. :thumbsup:
I currently have a 70 Chevelle (I've been a member of TCh for a bit). In the past, I've had a 71 and a 75 Malibu Classic. I've had a few 2nd and 3rd gen Camaros over the years, but I want a 1st gen pretty badly. But I want one from scratch- like my 68!

My friends say I never quit playing with models- they just got bigger! :D
Had a 1964 Malibu w/327 4spd, sold it in 1967, I was stupid, stupid, stupid.
Got married in 1968, wife had a 1964 Malibu SS, sold it in 1969, I was stupid,
stupid, stupid. Do you see a pattern here?
Here's a picture of my 69 Chevelle ss I had when I was younger. Also had a 67 Chevelle ss and 77 Corvette to name afew.

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7 Camaros 9 Chevelles, currently have a 70 Chevelle SS396 with a 427 and 5 speed Tremec.

Ive owned;

1 '63 Chevy II, 1 '67 Chevy II, 1 67 Acadian Canso, 1 '74 Nova, 2 '64 Chevelles, 1 '64 Acadian Beaumont, 5 '65 Acadian Beaumonts, 3 '65 Chevelles, 1 '72 Chevelle. Currently own a 65 Chevelle 4 door that my son and I are playing with, got to start them young.
Forgot one, 66 Chevelle
Along with the 77 Nova Dailey Driver, I have a 69 Nova in the project booth, a 1952 chevy pickup with a 400 and a hedits front clip, a 1926 ford t-coupe rat rod with a 5 inch chop and a vette 283 (still in progress), and a 1962 Manx Buggy i just built a new 1915cc motor for, and im lookin at a 63 nova coupe to help continue filling the warehouse, haha.....i need to stop buyin cars....j/k

Had a 69 Chevelle SS396 in college.
Now have 71 Malibu & 71 Malibu parts car.
Wife owns a 01 Camaro Conv.
How many of out fellow ChevyII/Nova owners have/had a Camaro or chevelle????
Well I didnt have a 'maro or a 'velle but I did have a '69 Cutlass with a 455.....That was the first car that I ever owned...I liked that car a lot and had tons of fun embarassing a few of my friends with their 400ci and 455ci firebirds that they had at the time...But I finally got rid of it as I couldn't afford two toys at once and I had just bought the Nova...
Like most of you...I have owned quite the variety as well. In the recent years I've owned two 69 Camaro's and a 67 Chevelle...but throughout life I have owned mostly old 60's & early 70's era trucks as my daily drivers.
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