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I have a 65, with a 250 and powerglide, manual steering and brakes.
Tranny downshifts harsh most of the time. I can vary (somewhat) how harsh it shifts through braking, etc. But under normal driving it's harsh. Modulator seems ok and holding vacuum. I pulled the modulator and checked the valve, etc. Seems allright, but if I were an expert, I wouldn't be seeking help.
It downshifts right at 10 mph every time. If I happen to be braking hard at 10 mph, it often downshifts smoothly. Also, sometimes the engine seems to slow down, sometimes almost dying, when I brake hard coming to a stop.
Tranny fliud looks and smells ok, level is good.
Upshift is smooth.
Haven't noticed any indication that clutches are going bad- fluid is reasonably clean.
Tranny doesn't seem to have any unusual vibrations, noises, smells, etc.
Carb isn't great, but I'd take it across the country tomorrow, so I wouldn't say it's a huge problem.

One thing that I wonder about: as I let off the gas and start coasting, it seems there is a little too much braking action from the trans. Could be I am just used to OD in trannys now and the old non-OD ones do that normally. Ideas on that and the harsh downshift?

Any help is appreciated.

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