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Happy Birthday

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Hey Super Sport

Happy Birthday.:D Hope ya have a great day.:beers:

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he's 75 today !!!! :eek: :eek: :D

Ol' Mario got himself a NICE B-Day present... didn't ya Mario ??? ;)

don't worry... my lips are sealed ;)
I will not open my mouth till the deal is done. But, yes Johnny I think I got something that I have always wanted. It is a long story that goes back to my high school days. I talked to the guy today Johnny, he assures me that I should be very pleased. My wife and I will probly be leaving Thursday to enjoy San Fran and we will be back on Friday with the birthday present my wife got me. Fingers crossed till then.
Look for a mini write up on my adventures Sat. or Sun.​
i'll be waiting patiently my friend... i DO wish ya the best ;)

enjoy the trip with yer Honey. :D
Happy belated birthday!! The suspense over what you are getting is going to kill me. I am glad you are getting something that is important to you. Your wife must love you very much as I suspect whatever this is it was not easy to do.
i know what it is, i know what it is !!! :rolleyes:

HA !!! i taunt you for the first time !!! ;)
Oh yeah well I can just go to bed, and take away all your fun :D
And remember I have caller ID so that won't work either.
yer not EVEN any fun... gonna make me go use a pay phone i guess, huh ???

still can't say what's up... that's fer Mario ta do ;)

Johnny (taunting you) for the Second time ;) taunt everybody, everyday.:eek: But we'll keep ya anyway.:D :beers:

Taunt, but not overly tight. ;)

but i've never been wound too tight... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ;)

for the life a me i can't figger out why that's comin' out seemingly wrong... :rolleyes:

it's OK, i'll blame it on Xinloi here too ;)
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Thanks Buddy. Ya might as well, everybody over there does NOW!!!:confused:

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