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Guldstrand mod for 70 Nova

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Has anyone done the Guldstrand mod on a 68-72 Nova? I can't find out much about it even when calling Guldstrand. They only seem to have info on it for a Gen 1 Camaro. As I under stand it the 68 Camaro and the 68-72 nova have the same front end. Is this true?
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67-69 camaro and 68-74 nova subframes can be interchanged. Same with rear ends.
it was in phr a two months ago..the template is on the internet somewhere...
The mod is the exact same for the 68-72 Nova as for the Camaro. I did it on my '70 and recently did it on my 71 as well. I have not driven the 71 yet, so no verdict on thatone, but my previous 70 handled really great! I had a bigger sway bar, poly bushings, stiffer springs,etc and it was like it was on rails. My 71 seems to drive even better after the new front end with poly bushings and all, can't wait to drive it with the G-mod.

I'd say go for it!

Good luck,
Bill C.
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