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i liked the red '60 Bel-Air... nice Flame job.

thanks for the views Danno... looks like a mighty fine time ya had. that's a lotta shots Dan, how many sets of batteries didja go through ??? are you the club's photographer or do all the members get shots too... sure would be a lotta photos ;)

excellent job... thanks :D

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SHIFTY4 said:
are you the club's photographer
No, I just take a lot of pictures. :D (had to stop and recharge the battery once) Our webmaster (also named Dan) was taking pictures, too. Between us, I think we got them all covered. He's going to post a bunch from both of us on our club website.

Did you note the 73 Chevelle that was a cover car (Popular Hot Rodding, May 06)? Also, the Cheap Street Chevelle was back this year.

Dan (and the 4th gen Nova with the checkered top?):rolleyes:

yah i saw the checkered one... thought maybe he was on his way to a 50's style ratrod for his genner... it'd be cool ta see it finished... see it in it's final finish... i liked the cream colored (?) 67 Chevelle too...

i was asking about the batteries because i saw what, 174 shots ??? my batteries fully charged would have dived long before... i'm gonna get a "few" sets of new ones ;)

looked like a great time, thanks few sharing ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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