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You can search "points of interrest", and it will give you directions to what you choose, cool!!!!!

So we were on a drive and wanted to know what there were for resteraunts in the area.

So I did a search for resteraunts. It asked me what type of food I was looking for, WOW, I can even look for what I'm hungry for!!!!!!:D:yes:

Choices were numerous to say the least, everything from Chinese food to Vietnamese food and the whole alphabet inbetween...........

So, as I was scrolling through I noticed "Fast food", OK speaks for itsself, "American food", alright, thats what I want.

Then a little further down I see ""Californian food", HUH:confused:, I keep looking and NO other states or US regions are listed!!!!!

So I guess we finally have proof!!! California is Un-American:yes::D

Thought that I would at least run across "Texan food":devil:, but nope:no:, they must be American!!!!:yes:
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