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Glass scratches

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know what's the best way to remove light swirl scratches in side window glass?

A previous own must have been sanding and got too close with an orbital sander and left light swirl marks the size of a pencil eraser in some of my side glass. hpg
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Thanks 69NovaSS,

I have looked at that, and believe I will go that route, thanks for your reply. hpg
I would check first with a local glass installer. Take it in for a "free" estimate. If they say that they can do it, then get the Eastwood kit. If they say that they can't, then you'll prolly be looking for new glass.

2nd and 3rd opinions could help also, to avoid the jerk who just wants your money.
I know a guy that owns a Glass store and borrowed this red powder and special hard sanding pad for removing scratches.It did take some of it out,but not all.They told me to be cautious of heating the glass up you could crack it.
sounds like rabbitstew has learned first hand. that red powder is jewelers rouge, and a lot of water is needed to keep the glass cool while buffing. however, anything you can feel with your fingernail will not come out. good luck
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