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Garage Message Board?

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I remember seeing somewhere that there was a message board dedicated to Garages. I googled it and can't seem to find it. I found a few smaller ones, but not a pretty big and seemingly popular one I found once.

Anybody know which one I'm talking about?
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Do not go there often, but I am Gloryhound there too!
Do not go there often, but I am Gloryhound there too!
I just signed up over there so I could see the photos of the garage they raised 32". Amazing what can be done with a Hi Lift jack ;)

Oh by the way, I stuck in your username as the referring party. So when I start to reek havoc they will have you to blame :D
As long as you arn't tearing their garages down they won't mind. I wish a had as orderly of a garage as they do. I've got Nova, Firebird, Chevy truck, Chevelle, Camaro, garden tractor, and lots of tools spread from one side to the other. Some where in it is my 72 Nova body that is supposed to be the project.
That's a great site! I don't post there much, but do enjoy drooling over some of the garages seen there. :thumbsup:

Dan (envious);)
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