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Fuel Tank Sending Unit

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Hi all, I'm building A blown 350, 1973 nova. I'm about half way done, my bigest problem so far is finding A stock replacement fuel sending unit.
Any body run into this problem and find A solution?
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I don't know of anyone making a stock replacement for the 73/74 Novas :(
I found A guy with A 73 nova on the web claims he use one from A comaro.
classic industries doesnt list a sending unit for a 73-75 but they sell a gas tank that fits 73-79 ( i guess is the same) and they do list 75-79 sending units, so i dont know what the difference but if its the same tank the 75-79 sending unit should work, atleast you would think..the difference might be an emission thing
That's something to look into, I'm not useing the stock pickup. I modified the tank for EFI, pickup and return off the bottom. THANKS
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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