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Fuel gauge problem

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This is on a '70 Nova. Messed with it for several hours last night, and couldn't figure it out.

I completly re-wired the car. I've got the sending unit out, and I've had the gauge out.

There is a pink wire, and a brown wire that goes to the circuit that then goes to the gauge. When the gauge is in, I can put a test light on the pink wire (fuel gauge wire) and when I then move the float, the light will dime and get brighter. So I know there is power to the sending unit. Sending unit is grouned. Brown wire is full power.

Now if I remove the gauge, there is no power to the pink wire.

The gauge reads full all the time. I just cant figure out what is wrong with this thing.

Is it possilbe that there is to much power going to the qauge? Do I need a resitor of some sort?

I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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