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Hey all,

Just got done converting my 74 to 4 wheel discs and while doing that noticed my tie rods were pretty sloppy feeling. So I am getting ready to change them out. Is there a real difference between a stock tie rod and a Hotchkis? It seems unless you are doing some pretty hard core driving there would not be much difference.

Also, while I am in there... What is the reason for changing out control arms. And why go tubular, other than for weight?

Thanks in advance,

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The Hotchkiss part is Heavy Duty (basically taking an Impala part and modifying it to fit a Camaro/Nova).

GM did that for all of their HD suspension parts They went to the parts bin and pulled out a part for a much heavier vehicle to withstand any amount of abuse you can throw at it (called racing) on a lighter vehicle. HD Impala police cars have a lot of parts off of a pick-up truck that have a GVW twice that of the Impala yet are dimensionally the same where it allows them to bolt on.

The problem with stock service replacement parts for your car is Chevrolet (GM) no longer sources the parts. GM was world renown for it's quality control program. It wouldn't accept substandard parts so you knew you were getting a good part (why everyone is willing to pay a premium for NOS parts).

Today suspension parts are manufactured in India, Indonesia, or China. Their idea of quality control is to hide all of the known bad parts in the middle of the pile when they are getting paid to ship to your local discount national auto parts store. You are taking your life in your hands by buying those parts (and risking the lives of everyone else you meet on the road).

Today a quality Moog or Eaton part (the factory OEM for suspension parts) is made in Mexico with a lucky find being a part made in Canada occasionally being found. They are going to be your best bet for a replacement if you don't want a quality precision American made Hotchkiss part.

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