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Front bumper filler panel

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Can anyone guide me through with installing the front bumper filler panel? What hardware do I need, is this a 2 person job, do I have to remove the bumper or any parts?? etc....

I bought the filler panel, and it came with no hardware or instructions. The current one is cracked, and just needs to be replaced. Any advice or webpage would be great...

thank you

so-cal Jack
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I just installed one on my '72. I loosened but didn't remove the bumper. I removed the front most attachment bolt on each side and loostened the rear most bolt and let the bumper hing on it and swing down and out of the way. Don't let it drop on the pavement though... From there I didn't have a filler panel or reinforcement to remove so figuring out the mounting hardware took some thought. You shouldn't have any problems since you have to remove the old damaged one and can see where everything goes. The only other problem I had was getting both the reinforcement and the filler panel in place on the ends, you'll see when you remove the three mounting bolts on each end, I think the factory instelled them before the front fenders went on.... It would have been nice to have an extra set of hands for this part but if I got it, you will too...
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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