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Just got my 65 Wagon painted.A buddy of mine did a nice job painting my 65 Nova Wagon Street/Strip car.I've owned this old car 12 years now.It was a normal Wagon when I bought the body.I added the frame rails,roll cage,tubs,and of course the huge round rear wheel wells.It's a color called Lapis Blue from a 98 KIA.I wanted something simillar to Marina Blue,and similar to Mediterranean Blue.I picked it from a color chip & I'm happy with the shade.Here's some pics of the old heap & a link to a gallery of pics of the car over the years.Might bring it home tonight or tomorrow,once he's finished buffing & glazing it.


i gotta question for ya... sure is a bitchen car but i just HAVE to ask...

who's the Fugly guy in that picture ? :rolleyes: :D :D :D

hehehe :D

Looks Great !!! keep us posted with updates as ya put it all back together ;)
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