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Fired Up The New Engine Last Night

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Always scary – exciting - fingers crossed for me firing up something I put together.

I’m happy – I didn’t expect a 406 to jump on the tack like this seemed to do.

It hesitated just a tade at the beginning then it took right off.
Ran for about 15 minutes between 2,000 and 3,000 before we spotted an oil leak and shut it down.

The leak is coming from either the oil pan location near the dip stick or maybe the loose dip stick hole.

It wouldn’t re-start. I’m using a new starter and I’m not sure if its too weak, bad ground, low battery or what. It was late so I’ll check it out tonight.

Thanks to all my Nova buddies who have unknowlingly helped me out posting their bits of wisdom along the way.

YFH8SIT (but not really)
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prolly heat transfer Chuck... hopefully it won't be as warm this time and it'll be good ta go... sounds like yer pleased so far, Huh ???

best wishes,

I have had a few rebuilds that refused to turnover with the starter when they were hot but after they got a few hours running time on them and loosened up some there was no problems. There is a lot of friction until everything seats in because everything expands when hot and it was more than the starter could overcome.
Try a high torque mini starter and the problem will most likely go away!

Good Luck :D
so what's new Chuck ??? how's she purrin' ???
C'mon Chuck!!! You can't leave us hangin' like that!!!! Give us an update!!

Randy (Enquiring minds wanna know!!):D
pics! firing up a new motor..its like being on edge, well unless its not your
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