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These parts are from a 63 & 64 steering column 3OTT. My 64 Cloumn needed worked on so I found a 63 in a bone yard out in the middle of the Mojave Desert,CA. Most of the column has been sold but these parts are all is left. I would like to get $25 for all that is in pictures below + shipping from 92284. Just the book alone is more than worth my price. Any questions can PM here or call 7six0-408-4four72.
Metal Silver Nickel Tool Fashion accessory
Synthetic rubber Natural material Auto part Plastic Metal
Wheel Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Gas
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Wheel Alloy wheel
Automotive tire Wood Rim Auto part Circle
Font Circle Auto part Metal Symbol
Auto part Font Metal Fashion accessory Rectangle
Rectangle Grey Font Metal Fashion accessory
Motor vehicle Tire Vehicle Font Wheel
Silver Grey Material property Mesh Auto part
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