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Engine ID - tried everything

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Hello all, newbie here!

I am trying to ID my engine, but am having a bear of a time. I went to all the websites with all the charts, but i just cant seem to make heads or tails of this. Here is what i have

at the back (casting number) is the number 3970010 - which is a 350 (car, truck vette)
Perfect, no problem there b/c it is a 350.

Here is where it gets squirrley:

Serial Number: 99YC43301

Code Number: V0424F

the code, using the charts i found, show V = Flint, 04= April; 24= day. The problem is the "F", that equates to a 56 chevy or something like that.

the serial number is all wierd too, i cant find a "99" designation.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the Team Ron..
Welcome to the Team Ron!

Clear picture of the head casting ID mark might tell a lot as well (I suspect you have a Vortec series 350 out of a 1996-2000 light truck).

Big Dave
I didn't know the vortec engines had 0010 blocks. I will have to try to look at the casting on my truck and see if it is.
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