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Emblem Location

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Been busy putting A blowin 350 in my 73 nova, going though the parts I got when I bought this nova and found all the original emblems. I have
1:two 350
2:two NOVA
3:two NOVA followed by bowtie with CHEVEROLET in the middle.
4:two CUSTOM
This is A list of emblems, how would I find the proper lacation?
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Get a fisher body manual for your car and it should give you the location of all your emblems!
On my 74, the 350 goes above the front marker lights on the fender, the Nova and Custom go on the fender between the front wheel and the door, and the other one went on the decklid I think. If you have 2, maybe they go on the rear quarter panels?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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