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Drag rear shocks ,help

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This is an EXCELLENT :thumbsup: site for all ,now my question ,What are the best rear shocks for street/strip ? car is a 1970 Nova .
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Every car is different. I hear good things about Rancho's adjustable one for Cal-Tracs.
Thanks for stopping by, Doug. feel free....anytime.
Thanks Doug ,this is for my brother's Nova . Do you got parts #s ? ,he will get the Cal-tracs , Caltracs do recomended Rancho with their setup ?
I think they do ? I don't have the numbers on hand but a quick search at Calvertracing might.

p/n 2300 67-69 CAMARO / 68-78 NOVA <--there it is.
Thanks Doug for the #s :thumbsup:
what would be a good budget shock? i saw summit has some for $25, lol... has a 3-way valve too, but i don't know how well it would perform.
burningsquirrels said:
what would be a good budget shock? i saw summit has some for $25, lol... has a 3-way valve too, but i don't know how well it would perform.
laugh at them if you want to, i have them on my car and they work. they are made by doetch. i dont know how fast you are but this past season i had a 1.69 60' time and im pleased with them.
When I originally built my car, I went with the summit brand shocks front and rear. I set them up 90/10 in front and 50/50 in the rear. They work well for the buck, but I have since moved the shocks inward to fit slicks and I am currently scheming for new ones.

Moral of the story: if you still have them in the stock location, they are a great adjustable shock for the money.

If you have moved your shocks inboard, then you will have to do some minor mods to make them fit under your car, but you should be able to make them work.
Rear shocks will only work as well as the rest of the suspension allows them. You will need correct front shocks and springs to make it all work. Also if the subframes are not connected i would do so first. absolute best stock type drag shock for front and rear are QA1 stocker shocks. ditch the front sway bar too if you haven't already. Caltracs are an excellent choice also.
this thread's been resurrected by a newbie in hopes of assisting which is great but it's dated

October/November of 2005
Ouuuuuuuuch. thanks for the welcome. :thumbsup:

Didn't even look at the date. Lesson Learned.
The cheapest solution I could recommend would be from Competition Engineering

$50 bucks each

If you do not have a BBC or drive on the street then the Koni SPA-1 80-1915SPA1 three way rear drag adjustable shock for 1967-'69 Camaro, and 1968-'79 Nova. is the next step up

at $100 bucks each

If you get into coil-overs on the back of your four link (or front) then there is who will custom built shocks for your Nova with adjustable valving to match your weight and suspension. ($300 to 450 each)

There are also off the shelf dual adjustable shocks from QA-1 and Koni as well (and they offer a full line of spring rates to match your needs.

Big Dave
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