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Re: distributor timing help - initial/total advance

To set your timing with a dial back timing light:

1. Disconnect the vacuum advance line.

2. Start the engine and let it warm up.

3. Set the idle to about 600 RPM.

4. Set the timing at 10 degrees BTDC.

5. Rev the engine to 3000 RPM and check the total timing. Your looking for 36 degrees total.

6. If you had something other than 36 do this. 34 read at the balancer = add 2 more degrees for 12 degrees at 600 RPM and so forth.

7. Connect the vacuum advance back up to a ported NOT manifold source.

8. Run RPM back up to about 2500 RPM and check the timing. You want about 10 - 12 degrees of vacuum advance for a total of about 46 - 48. Adjust as needed to get this.

9. Test drive the car. If it pings drop the amount of vacuum advance until the ping goes away.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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