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my son purchased a 1966 nova ss and the last owner in Georgia said it was a matching numbers car and he bought it in Indiana 13 years ago,I also contacted the previous owner in Indiana and he also said it was a numbers matching
everything seems to check out or it seems,The serial number and the cowl tag all corresponds other than the serial number the last 6 numbers are 163101 and on the cowl tag the last 6 number are 124164 which i guess they could be different,
Where i am having a problem is the motor it is showing F0506pn which is flint may 6th but pn shows to to be a 1965 283 2 barrell
everything checks out the 118 serial number and cowl number shows it is a SS and came with a 283 v8 2 barrel, power glide trans,regal red out side and black bucket seats with console,has all the ss trim and moldings plus the SS humb caps
Could General motors have used a left over 283 from 1965 for this 1966?
everything i have checks shows the 1966 283 used ps or pu at the end of the
motor number and the 1965 was PN
should there be a partial vin number down below the F0506PN
Also do i need to try and read the casting number and date on the back of the block.
Your help with this would be appreciated
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