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Crossmember question

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A friend of mine is putting a Th400 in a 73 Nova and is looking for a company or companies that sells a crossmember for this application.. Does anyone know who makes one or perhaps what else might fit? I don't know too much about Novas, but I guess there is a difference between 68-72 and 73 and above.. Definitly different that the 80s models.. LOL. Sorry couldn't help myself.. Many thanks...
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Try Classic Ind. ,J&W Nova, all these places have the TH 400 crossmember. Later.

Thanks, I found one at Classic Ind.
I gave my friend the info on Saturday and haven't talked to him since. Classic Ind. listed that it would fit 1968-1974, but Year One listed 1968-1972. I told him to call first to make sure it would fit his 73. I did a little more searching and I've them going for anywhere from $60 to $90.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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