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Convert from column shifter to a floor shifter, or NOT??!

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I have a 1972 nova that I have upgraded to a 700R4 and a 2500 stall. Engine is a stockish 350 (Stock 72 heads slightly modded, Comp 270 Cam, Edelbrock performer intake with an Edelbrock 600 CFM carb, 2.5" exhaust) and I have 3.42 gears in the back. My car was originally a powerglide car with a column shifter. I only get drive, L3, and L2, but no L1 because the linkage only allows for 3 gears not 4.

I have been considering an upgrade of either the linkage OR a floor shifter. If I did a floor shifter, I would want one that looks similar to a 4 speed manual shifter like a B&M or Hurst.

I am sure someone has been down this road before. Which would be better? Upgrading the linkage to get all 4 gears, or a floor shifter? Could someone recommend linkage options or a shifter option, and what would be required to do a floor shifter? Also, if I did go with a floor shifter, are there aftermarket parts to convert my column to a floor shift style column?

Thanks a lot!
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Quick and easy bolt on and looks cool too.

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I purchased this kit for my car:

I have a 77 Concourse with factory floor shifter. I haven't installed it yet. The shifter itself is the same/similar to the Camaro one, but Nova's don't have shift indicators on the console. They are in the dash so rely on that back rod up to the column tell you what gear you are in. Since this kit doesn't come with a dash indicator it kind of voids the dash indicator at least with regard to accuracy since you can't get one for a 4-speed auto.
I should clarify. The shifters I would like are either this: Hurst Shifters 3838530 Hurst V-Matic 3 Shifters | Summit Racing
or this B&M 80690 B&M Megashifters | Summit Racing
the thing is they only have D l2 l1. I need one more gear to as in D, l3,l2, l1.
Don't know about the V-Matic, but the Mega is a 3 and 4 speed, there's a pin at the rear you pull out for the extra detent and just put the 4 speed tape on, it comes with it. I had one in my 75 and changed to the TCI, it now resides on the shelf.
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