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clutch reccomendations

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just swapped the 396 out of my 69 SS and dropped in a mean small block - attached to the Munci 4 speed and the 12 bolt out back. My question is what do you recommend I get for the clutch assembly....Understand the small block is built 11.5-1 compression aluminum heads roller rockers the whole bit. Stock is not gonna do it this time! Thanks for your thoughts.
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Centerforce dual friction makes a good clutch. i have one in my BB 56 wagon with a 4 speed. it will take large amounts of abuse.
I second the Centerforce dual-friction. Handles a fair amount of power without issues.

I run a Ram 6 pad metalic sprung hub disk. The last one held up to lots of abuse.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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