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Chip tunning question

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there are many sites where you can find information how to reprogram your cars chip, but how to cars performance better, I did not find. Can anybody explain how to find the best performance for the car, by changing timing, fuel and other tables in ECU.
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svirvyta, welcome to the forum, thanks for joining. it will be helpful if you post some basic information about your car, make, model, year, engine, etc. Something about your location might help too.

Normally, the existing factory chips can't be reprogrammed, but there may be aftermarket chips already reprogrammed for better performance available. Sort of depends on make, model year. Let us know.....

I want to reprogram ECU to my Honda Civic 91. I know how to change, reprogram the chip. But the problem is, what determine the performance (power or economy) to be better?

You'd be better off to ask that stuff on a Honda forum where there's people who know details of re-programming Honda chips. This forum caters to the owners of Chevy Novas, many of which are over 30 years old, well before automotive computers came into existance.

I had no idea that Wes was working with Hondas. I haven't seen him around in quite awhile. The guy just plain does nice work on whatever he's working on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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