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Chicago's Fall Vette Fest. Nova's everywhere

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Heres a taste of the cars that will be at Fall's Vette Fest sYc display in Chicago.

SCW/Tommy K. - '68 Gibb/Harrell Nova
Annie Hartweg - '68 Gibb Nova
Helen/Nancy Gibb - '68 Gibb Nova
John Oehler - '68 Gibb Nova
Rick Thayers - '68 Gibb Nova
Frank JR. - '70 Yenko Deuce Nova
Caleb Arone - '69 COPO Camaro racecar
SCW/Franny Roberts - '69 COPO Camaro
BBenny - '69 COPO Camaro
T. Clary - '68 Dick Harrell funnycar
M.Guarise - Grumpy's Toy VIII
Darren - '69 Z-28 Camaro
Frank SR. - 2001 SS

No doubt the biggest gathering of 1968 GIBB/COPO Novas since 68
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Jeff, if you own a supercar, do you HAVE to be a member of the sYc to be in the display. I thought I seen on the sYc site that Matt Murphy was attending with his 1969 Berger/Dick Aarons car that the Supercar Workshop restored? I would love to see that car done as Brian and Joe do great restorations. Thanks
Jeff might be a couple of days answering, the lucky dog is in vegas at the SEMA show, and other fun events today.
The Novas are rolling into McCormick Place!! Two of the Gibb Novas are there, two more are waiting outside to unload and the red one is in route.

I understand that Caleb Arone received a TV interview this morning at VF regarding his Yellow COPO Camaro - a stand out kid who is the future of this hobby!
Looks like they had some nice COPO Novas there! Tommy K's looked real nice! I read on the Yenko site it was "decked out like the pop rod #2 car?" Does anyone know if the "article cars" can be identified? I like the added stinger hood, and the tri-power. Nice touch. John Oehlers car I am sure is topshelf. Hats off to SCW, and Wayne Bushey!!!

Thanks for the reply Jeff. I was riding along with Matt Murphy to deliver Carl Stubers new rally green GMMG Harrell car. Had a great time with them and Gary Holub, and Matt roasted the tires real good!!

Tommy K's Harrell Tuned Gibb Nova received the highest score - 997!! The three points were lint on the carpet, dust on an a-arm, and dust somewhere in the trunk. Let's be honest, that makes it a 1,000 point car.

John Oehler's Gibb Nova received a Top Gun award. The sYc was well represented as always, and has become the featured grouping at the major shows throughout the country. sYc Novas were the big guns at the Nova Nationals, the East Cost Nova Mini-Nats, York, WoW, V-Fest, and of course the main event of the year - The SuperCar Reunion #8!

Congrats to all of the owners and restorers who make these features possible.
Marlin, both cars are gorgeous. I surely wouldn't want to judge either car and point out any mistakes! How does vette-fest judging figure that the highest scored car does not receive the top gun award? What is the difference? I never was sure how that worked. Anybody know?
Dave Belk said:
How does vette-fest judging figure that the highest scored car does not receive the top gun award? What is the difference? I never was sure how that worked. Anybody know?
That's a good question. I was told that the 'Top Gun' award is heavily influenced by the judges' opinions, and not merely points. I know we had a display of four Chevelles a few years back and one of the 'Top Gun' winner was actually outscored (by a very few points) by another Gold Spinner car. Maybe they take into account the entire display, which for the 'TG' car was very impressive.
Phil Borris was one of the judges that year. Maybe he could explain the process.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the input Dennis. That makes sense as it would not be hard to believe that a few cars would score identical. Someone has to make the call, and I am glad it is not me! Sorry I missed you at a couple of shows this year. My schedule just did not mesh with carshows this year.:angry:
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